You've worked hard and know it's important that you make your money work hard too.

Putting your hard-earned cash into a suitable Pension, ISA or any other investment product, is only a small part of the investment process - good management of your investments along the way is what will make the difference in ensuring the goals you have set are reached.

To enable this, Progressive Financial Planning use a wide range of leading software, creating a detailed analysis of funds and helping visualise client investments on an ongoing basis.

However, it's not just a matter of utilising leading edge technology.

PFP's investment management is the cornerstone of the service we provide and it is thoughtful, deliberate and resolutely client focused.

While putting the emphasis on personal attention, PFP look at geographical spread, peer on peer comparison of funds, tax planning and encashment strategies - offering recommendations to rebalance portfolios and helping ensure long-term sustainable growth within your risk parameters.

It is our policy to review all client portfolios on a regular basis and by doing so, closely monitor your investment progress.

So, to make things a little easier and your money work harder, make an appointment with Progressive Financial Planning today.